How to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company

How to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company

Looking to get an app development?

Let me guess; you are probably looking for a mobile app development company and haven’t yet found the right one for your business.

Well… Look no further!

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Mobile App Development Company!

You have come to the right place. In addition to showing you how to find the best mobile application development company, we will also tell you what kind of services you should expect and walk you through some of the dos and don’ts of how to get a your app made for your business.

Finally! A step by step guide to finding the best mobile app development company!

Why do You Need a Mobile App for Your Business?

Mobile apps have become the formal channel to provide services and content to consumers. If you mean business, care for a positive impression, and want a good experience for your customers, you need to have a Mobile presence.

According to Statista the worldwide mobile revenues 2015-2020:

  • In 2015 the total revenue generated across all mobile operating systems was about $70 billion.
  • In 2016 this number reached $88 billion.
  • By 2020 the combined mobile app revenue will reach a staggering $189 billion.

The average American spends 162 minutes (2.7 hours) daily on their phones. The benefits of having your custom branded app in your consumer’s hands cannot be overlooked:

  • At top of the list is to provide a native experience to the users that can make it not only easy but also fun to interact with your app. (Yes, I used the word ‘native’ and will explain later why)
  • You have more control over what, when and how the consumers see your data; whether they are simply browsing your app, or they receive push notifications regarding latest updates and promotions.
  • Aside from helping you stay closer to your customers and therefore increasing your effective frequency, it makes your brand more visible every time they click on that app icon to launch your app, and while scrolling those menus or header they come across your logo.
  • Last but not least, keeping those reviews up and customers satisfied on the App stores will earn you global recognition, and help you stand out from your competition.

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?Mobile app development cost

Even though the cost should not be the first item in your list, let’s discuss the pricing first, to get it out of the way.

Many of the best mobile app developers have different methods of charging for their work, each having their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

How Much Should You Pay for App Development Services?

The first mistake far too many people make when choosing a mobile app design company is going for the lowest bidder. The best app development companies won’t let themselves get nickel-and-dimed. These software development companies know what it takes to ship a successful and stable product out the door.

Hey! nobody wants to pay more. The real jaw-dropping and eye-popping fact is that many companies reach out to me with their broken app, and tell me that they hired someone out of college, or got a ‘web developer’ to do their ‘app development’. (Will shed more light on this unforgivable sin in another post.)

In 1997, when I was still a junior, one day my boss showed me a bug where an application kept slowing down as you typed in it. I was surprised to see 2,500 lines of code just to read input from the keyboard. It would have taken me couple of days to fix this code so I simply pressed ‘Ctrl+A’, then the ‘Del’ key, and fixed the problem in half a day with 194 lines of code.

Bottom line is, do not expect to pay someone peanuts for an undertaking as massive as your business’ app.

So, How Much Should Mobile App Development Cost?

app development payment models

App development is neither cheap nor a child’s play. Usually this is not a one man’s job. Good apps will be designed and developed by a team of experts including architects, developers, graphic artists, UX designers and testers. Here is a ballpark figure for app development cost in the US:

  • A basic stand-alone app can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 month, and cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • A simple server based application with users and databases can easily take months to build, costing hundreds of thousands.
  • Now, a full enterprise application can take from half a year to a year or more costing an amount only corporations can afford.

Every app is unique! The actual cost will be calculated based on the specs, level of effort, and the number of people working on it. All the best mobile app design companies will work with you to find that sweet-spot between your app’s value and what you can pay. If you have an app idea, Contact us now for free consultation!

Payment Models

1. Hourly

This is probably the most common pricing model. You start with a conference call with your app development firm, let them know what you need, the developers thinks of the scale of the project and estimate how many hours it will take, multiply that by the hourly rate and voila! You have your total mobile app development cost.

It’s a model that’s simple and straightforward. You should work with your mobile app development agency to figure out the scope of your app project and work out how many hours it would take to complete.

While this is also the model we prefer at Sileria, we are also very flexible to accommodate our client preferences.

2. Project-based

Some mobile application development firms mostly agencies— allow fixed-price model for the whole package. A fixed-price contract is also known as a lump-sum contract. The real benefit of this kind of model is that you know exactly what your app will look like, and how much damage will be done to your pocket. But… this works best only when there is no uncertainty in the scope of work, which is normally not the case. Most clients keep remembering new features they want to add, all the way to the end of the project. And that, my friend, is a recipe for disaster in a fixed priced model.

3. Other Models

Sometimes you may also find individual freelancers who offer some of the least common options:

  1. Value-based: Cost will be calculated based on how much value the app can potentially bring into your business.
  2. Equity-based: App developer builds your app for reduced rates in return of equity stake in your business. (Risky)
  3. Royalty-based: App developer provides services for reduced rates to earn royalties on the mobile app. (Also Risky)

Why Price Tag Should be the Least of  Your Concerns?


You can hire the most expensive mobile app development firm, and still walk out with a piece of junk app in your hands. This is why finding the best mobile app developers should be your #1 priority. And, when you find that best mobile app developer, do not look at the price.

Where to Find the Best Mobile App Developers?Finding top mobile app developers

1. Individuals / Freelancers

Aside from word of mouth, you can find the best mobile app developers online:

  • Social Networks: The first place I personally look for talent is LinkedIn. You will have to do a lot of digging but you will find what you are looking for. Another good place is Meetup.
  • Job Boards: In terms of job boards, I have had better experience on Indeed and Dice, than on Monster.
  • Freelancing Platforms: For small jobs you have platforms such as Upwork & Fiverr. But I would not recommend them for app development.

While there are many different freelancers with different skills and levels, if you spend enough time sifting through, your chances of finding an app developer who is right for you increase. (With a ‘Happily Ever After’ ending).

There are also risks: you may end up with a dishonest or a lazy guy, perhaps whose online reviews and portfolio were fabrications, or one who continuously misses deadlines and delivers buggy software.

2. App Development Companies

Best way to find iOS or Android development companies near you is to search online, visit their website to see if they offer what you want, and make an appointment.

You also do not have to stick to your specific city if you do not find one that is right for you. Use Google to find the best mobile app development agencies anywhere in the country, or even globally.

Small businesses in this arena are almost always guaranteed to give you a better experience than some of the big tech companies. The latter, though they can afford to market themselves as more attractive, simply are not going to give you the level of personalized care and time that the best small app design companies or individual developers will.

How to Pick an App Development Firm that’s Right for You?Hiring the best app development company

Talk to them.

No, really, do it… It’s that simple.

Talk to them either by phone, Skype, or face to face if possible, and establish rapport. You’re putting a critical part of your business in this person’s hands, so you should ask them specific question to make sure they have the correct experience that you require.

Let them talk and ask your questions. Some things to consider are:

  • If he/she is truly one of the best mobile app developers and has experience in making clients happy, he/she will ask you relevant questions that dig deeper into what you really want and need.
  • Do they seem like they care about your business & your goals, what customers you hope to attract, how you want to portray yourself to the world?
  • Beware that they are not just throwing out big tech terms just to make an impression.

As one final note, it is also important to find out where the actual development team is located and whether you will be able to directly deal with them. You have to be very careful when working with offshore teams. Many times there is a sweet talker who knows his buzzwords, sitting in the US, and you never get to interact with the incompetent team sitting in a cave!

Sileria employs a highly qualified team of experts who take pride in developing top-notch mobile apps. If you are interested in talking, Just send us a message!

Look through their portfolio / resume

Portfolio is an essential way to see if the company or individual in question fits the job description. An app development company must have a portfolio while individuals usually have resumes. Do not just glance through their portfolios, but pay attention to the details listed here:

  • Do they match your style or industry?
  • Are they creative and adaptable to each of their previous clients’ individual needs?
  • Do all their apps look and function the same (meaning there maybe many apps, but all copies of each other)?
  • Checkout reviews for the apps (I would like to see above 4 star ratings for majority of their apps).
  • Ask them specific question about some of their apps and what are the challenges they experienced while developing those.

Without a decent portfolio and proven track record with at least a small number of apps on it, I would not even consider a candidate.

Sileria PortfolioWe at Sileria, have been developing custom apps for our clientele ranging from global brands to famous startups, each having unique needs and challenges. For example, we developed the very first apps for Vimeo (on Amazon’s FireTV), Barnes & Nobles (NOOK Video),  SONOS (Listening Room Experience), H&R Block (Tax Central), UrbanDaddy & Victorious. We also helped big corporations like AT&T, Yellow Pages, Citysearch, Qualcomm & Deluxe Entertainment develop their apps. And we have the right talent for both: Android Development as well as iOS development. Interested in details? Visit our portfolio!

Support Models

The thing about all technological marvels, from your car to your computer & software, is that they need constant maintenance, a lot of it. Aside from keeping up in the fast-changing world, constant software updates are required to keep up with the latest trends and security measures.

Again, different app developers have different support options such as:

On-call: This is where you call your app developer on need basis to fix, change, or upgrade your app after the initial contract was over. Usually you are charged hourly.

Good news is that you will only pay for the exact amount of work done! Bad news is that there may be scheduling conflicts where issues may not be fixed as soon as they come up. But any good developer will go above and beyond to help you, especially if the problem is urgent.

On-retainer: This is where you pay a fixed monthly retainer fee for the duration of your contract where they will oversee your maintenance and bug-fixes without having to bother you. This method is great for your convenience and peace of mind, but will cost you extra.

Sign-off and handover: If your business has the internal infrastructure and talent necessary to maintain your app i.e fix any issues that may pop up, and release new updates, then this option is perfect for you. Once completed, the app developers will handover the project and it’s source code to the client. The client will be responsible for future maintenance and enhancements.

How to Get Your App Developed?How to Get Your App Developmed

Do your homework first: Your app shouldn’t be just a one-off gimmick that takes up space on your phone. Before you hire someone to develop your app, you must do your homework: a) Determine the purpose of your app; b) Identify the target audience; c) Investigate your competition; d) Have a marketing plan ready.

Your app should offer something of value: The users keep coming back to an app that offers them something of value. Also, no reason to re-invent the wheel, if there is already a similar app out there, you need to have convincing grounds that you can beat your competition.

Rome wasn’t built in a day: If this is your first app, do not think you can build Facebook or Whatsapp overnight. Do not forget, it took these big companies years to build what they have today. A new comer will always have to start with baby steps first. Also, do not try to make one ring to rule them all; Apps function best when they focus on one or two specific aspects of your business, rather than being too wide and overwhelming.

Lets move on to the topic: What You Want from Your App?

1. Software Architecture

This is where 99% of software companies fail today, including the tech giants, where rush development and inexperienced supervision has become a trend. (A topic I will cover in another post). It is of utmost importance to find a mobile app development company that cares about software architecture, design patterns & code quality. Otherwise you will end up with a maintenance nightmare for many years to come.

2. Native Application

Beware! Be warned! and beware! I have never met a single client who went with non-native platform for their app and are not in a state of suffering. There are numerous issue with these platforms and it is not worth it. I guarantee it will neither save you money in the long run, nor it will be easy to maintain. Stay away from any hybrid platforms such as Cordova, PhoneGap, Titanium, Ionic, etc. I strongly advise to always develop on the native platform, meaning: Android development must be done in Java or Kotlin, and iOS development in Swift (Apple’s new language). In some cases C++ may also be used to develop the apps when extra performance is desired for certain games or engines.

3. User Experience

There was a time when a functional application was just good enough and very few companies used to pay for the looks. But now… welcome to the new age, where the beauty is as important as the functionality. Once you explain the purpose and features of your app to the team, the UX experts will come up with a highly engaging user interface, and the Graphics/Branding team will turn your app into a visual feast.

Apart from finding good app developers who care about software architecture and code quality, this is another hard to find skill, where everything from coloring to copy to the overall vibe needs to be tailored towards pleasing your audience.

Looks have always been of great importance to us at Sileria. We strongly believe in first impression being the last impression. That’s why polishing & pixel pushing is part of our culture.

4. Solid Product with Continued Support & Upgrades

The key to a solid product is the above three plus a good app development team. In the app development world always remember this equation:

Intelligent Design + Native Platform + Engaging UI + Elite App Developers = World-class Mobile App

Congratulations! you just launched your first app, now you can relax… but not for long. If you do not provide continued support for you app, and release periodic updates in the App store, your ranking will starting going down. Keep an eye on the overall app rating; Going below 4.5 star is not good, but below 4 is doom!

How to work with Your App Developers?How to Work with the App Developers

While your app is being developed, here is what you can do:

1. Give Leeway for Creativity

Remember, the top mobile app developers are all professionals. So let them do what they do best, and relax– focus on other parts of your business, and take pride in letting your developer build something that will help you and your customers out.

Don’t breathe down their neck, don’t make constant changes, don’t insist on things that don’t make sense. All around, don’t be that client.

2. Collaboration

Every Mobile app development company has a different infrastructure to keep the client posted. Some may send weekly updates via email, some may allow regular conference calls. Work with your app development company to determine how frequently you would want those updates. At the starting point weekly updates may be too frequent, but after an alpha or beta milestone, weekly updates would make sense. If the project is delayed for any reason, sometimes daily stand-ups may help.

Keep in mind, if the app developers are hard-working and the company is honest, sometimes asking for too many updates may not be necessary, instead it would just  slow them down. If you trust them, give them time.

3. Early Testing & Feedback

App development phase also includes thorough application testing. Many app development companies give less importance to testing, keeping just a week or so for QA. I strongly favor much longer period and starting at much earlier stage, instead of waiting for the product to finish. Enough time assigned to QA will pay of itself.

Based on your agreement with the Mobile App Development Company, you may have access to early releases where you can give feedback earlier than later. When given early access to your app, always remember that you are looking at an unfinished product. You cannot expect that ‘Buy Now’ button to start raining cash to your bank account.

What Makes Sileria Different?

If you made it all the way here, you must have realized by now that finding the best app development company that is right for you is not an easy task. So why not save yourself all that hassle and come to us, we will do it right for you. Here is why:
Sileria is the best mobile app development company
1. Your App is Our Baby!

We value you and your app. It is not just another project and you are not just another client. We do not come with the typical contractor mentality, we take ownership of your app, and built it like we are making it for ourselves.

2. We Hire Only the Best!

We never hired any Tom, Dick or Harry! Every single one of our engineers has been hand picked to ensure that we have the right talent to deliver the best end product.

3. Get it Built Right the First Time!

While many have forgotten, we still care about solid software foundation & best practices. We implement superior code quality from the very first line to deliver a polished and well-done end product.

4. We Have The Credentials!

With over 22 years of experience in app development, hundreds of successful projects, and dozens of satisfied clients, you are guaranteed to have a professional and personalized experience.

Sileria stands for ‘Quality in App Development’. We believe in transparency, teamwork & client satisfaction!

Contact Sileria if you are interested in having a professional and reliable mobile application developed for your business built by people who truly care.

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