Sileria Now Featured on Clutch!

Sileria Now Featured on Clutch! BadgeOur mission at Sileria is to develop software applications of the highest code and product quality possible. We strive to supersede all expectations while remaining in touch with current and future technologies. We have always recognized our expertise in app development, and our clients have too; this is why they rated us highly on Clutch as one of the Top App Development Companies in Los Angeles.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that connects small and medium size businesses with the top performing agencies and developers that best meet their needs. They have a unique methodology that takes into account a firm’s ability to deliver, their market presence, and most importantly, their client reference reviews. We are thrilled with our profile on their site and the in-depth interviews they conducted with our clients.

Our reviews currently highlight Sileria’s strength as a Mobile App Development Company, detailing the projects we’ve completed for some of our important clients like SONOS, Victorious, YellowPages, Citysearch, Gateway, and Deluxe Entertainment. Check out the positive feedback we received:

“They’re very impressive problem solvers. I never have to micromanage them because they always deliver.”


“The team paid close attention to detail, and had a strong focus on developing and delivering high quality code. Rather than settling for code that’s minimally functional, they created well-developed material with good bones that we can build upon.”

Deluxe Entertainment

“[Sileria] developed the apps while being cognizant of making them extensible and flexible to the future. Thinking all of that through before beginning development made it vastly easier to maintain and enhance the application moving forward.”


“They’re extremely professional and were absolutely reliable. They did quick, high quality work all the time. When they brought in new people, they brought them up to speed really quickly. Within 2–3 days they were acclimated and completing work.”


Checkout our testimonials page to see what other clients are saying!

A big thanks to our clients for taking the time to share their experiences working with our team! We enjoyed reading your feedback and can’t wait to hear more from you as we expand our presence in the app development industry.

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